Market Clock

Market Clock brings financial market hours from around the world to one site, keeping you informed on the current and future trading state at any time.


Market Clock provides data for a growing list of financial markets, and is updated daily with any changes. Detail is available for each market, including the specific trading states and upcoming events.


Time zone conversion and accounting for daylight savings can be difficult and error prone. Market Clock handles all of this for you in a timeline so you can see clearly and simply what state a market is in now, and what time it will change.


Market hours data is sourced directly from each market's web site, and checked daily for changes. This data is put into a consistent form and presented in detail for each market, providing the information you need quickly and simply.


Market Clock is now available as a native iPhone app on the App Store. This is the ideal platform for tracking market hours, allowing you to quickly check market times and events, and receive notifications of upcoming holidays or daylight savings changes.


Market Clock is a Curio Software project, created and maintained by an independent developer located in Melbourne, Australia.